My approach to facing transitions in life. 


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Change is difficult because we have to show a vulnerability, but being vulnerable makes us courageous. The thing I had to learn most was to be patient and to be okay with not knowing how it would end or where it would all lead.

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Megan Silletti O’Block was born in Hoboken, New Jersey, raised her three sons in Boston, Massachusetts, and now lives in Santa Monica, California. She enjoys long walks on the beach and hiking in the canyons of California with her rescue dog Paco.


In the last few years, she has explored many new approaches to having a healthy, mind, body, and spirit. Through her travels around the world, she enjoys learning about different cultures and especially their cooking techniques. She loves entertaining and experimenting with herbs and spices that she didn’t grow up eating. Two of her cookbooks that are available on Amazon are Cooking for My Three Sons and Heart to Table.


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I underlined and dog ear'd so many pages!

I LOVED your book, Metamorphosis, SO much!, I read it twice! You are a rock star, and my new idol! I wish I had your strength and passion, your exploits, your candor and your language had me laughing, ….and thinking hard about MY life! I applaud you! I underlined and dog ear'd so many pages. Yes, after attending all the "husband" functions, menopause, taking care of aging parents, kids leave the nest, life is a whole new ball game. Suddenly we are holding an empty bag. I am presently needing to feed MY soul. 


You cannot put this book down!

Metamorphosis by Megan O'Block is sometimes moving sometimes hilarious and always captivating. The author takes the reader on a journey through some of life's most difficult times all the while providing wonderful recipes and great music to listen to. I was deeply touched by her honesty and loyalty to her family and friends, I loved this book so much I read it at one sitting.


Face the fear and do it anyway!

I loved loved ❤️ this book. I learned a lot about life, love and the courage to change when it's sometimes the hardest thing to do
Thank you for this wonderful revelation into one's heart and soul.

I highly recommend this book for anyone searching for more answers and has the courage to face those challenges.




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